Stationery – Westport Greeting Cards, Gift Wrap, Gift Bags, Photo Albums, Address Books and more


We have a wide variety of greeting cards for every occasion or celebration. Our unique selection includes traditional, humorous, contemporary, unconventional and one-of-a-kind cards. We also have stunning photographic cards of local scenes by local artists.

Our supply of stationery and note cards is diverse and surprising with something to suit every taste and need. Perfect for gift-giving.


Create a beautiful or unusual package with our gift wrap, gift bags, tissue, and ribbon.

Our exceptional array of paper napkins, cocktail napkins, and paper plates will stylishly see you through every season and through any occasion from a high tea to a wine tasting party to a clambake.


Don’t miss our select assortment of photo albums, address books and recipe holders of various sizes and styles.

For your desk or home office we offer a variety of necessities including journals, decorative file folders, note pads, and sticky notes that are refreshingly different, fun, and functional. They make unusual and unexpected gifts!