The Last Fling


John B. “Red” Cummings


By: John B. “Red” Cummings

The Last Fling by John B. “Red” Cummings // The Last Fling is a fascinating tale of a life-altering event of courage, terror and survival. There are first hand stories from more than 60 individuals and families and what they experienced as their homes and town were torn apart during Hurricane Carol in 1954. The book speaks of the spirit of the times and the people as wind and waves crashed without warning into a Massachusetts coastal town making Carol one of the most destructive natural disasters the area ever endured. The narrative is complemented by more than 40 illustrations. It is an absolutely vivid and charming depiction of life at another time, in a specific place. Most importantly, it is a story about a community, its people and the human spirit and how we all manage to survive in times of disaster as we experience these events together.