A Genius at His Trade: C. Raymond Hunt and His Remarkable Boats


Stan Grayson


By: Stan Grayson

The New Bedford Whaling Museum and Tilbury House partnered to publish the long-awaited biography of legendary yacht designer and racing sailor C. Raymond Hunt. This is the first book-length biography of the American yacht designer and racing sailor whose skill at the helm and skill at the drawing board made him a legend in his own time.

Today, 37 years after his death at age 70 in 1978, Hunt is recognized as one of the most influential yacht designers of the 20th Century. His most enduring designs, the Concordia Yawl and the original Boston Whaler, are recognized as classics of form and function. His development of the deep-V hull, on which he briefly held a patent, was the basis for all high-speed, mono-hull powerboats that followed.

As a racing sailor, Hunt had few, if any equals. He had a special touch at the helm, and an inborn ability to sniff the breeze and determine when and where the next shift would come. This is the life story of an unconventional man who did things his way, whose path took him from the shallow waters of Duxbury Bay to the world’s most competitive yacht racing venues. In his wake, he left an enduring legacy. His design philosophy of thinking “outside the box” continues in the firm that bears his name: Hunt Associates of New Bedford, Massachusetts.