Writers Series with Erin McHugh

Date: July 12, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm  to  12:08 pm


Please join Partners Village Store and Kitchen on Thursday, July 12th at 6pm for an engaging and entertaining discussion with local author Erin McHugh as we celebrate the paperback release of her book Political Suicide – a topic which is increasingly relevant today!

Political Suicide shares the best and most interesting missteps, peccadilloes, bad calls, back room hijinks, sordid pasts, rotten breaks, and just plain dumb mistakes in the annals of American politics.

They have tweeted their private parts to women they’re trying to impress. They have gotten caught on tape doing and saying things they really shouldn’t have. They have denied knowing about the underhanded doings of underlings — only to have a paper trail lead straight back to them. Nowadays, it seems like half of what we hear about politicians isn’t about laws or governing, but is instead coverage focused on shenanigans, questionable morals, and scandals too numerous to count. And while we shake our heads in disbelief, we still can’t resist poring over the details of these notorious incidents.

In Political Suicide, the foibles of our politicians are brought from the tabloid pages to this entertaining — and cautionary — tale of American history.

Photo: Kim Goddard

ERIN MCHUGH is a former publishing executive and award-winning author of more than twenty books of popular nonfiction, including trivia, gay history, children’s books, and much more. She lives in New York City and South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

To reserve your spot on Thursday, July 12th, please contact Partners Village Store: (508) 636-2572 or [email protected]