Outdoor Harvest Yoga

Date: Every Saturday until October 27, 2018
Time: 8:30 am  to  9:30 am

Join us each Saturday morning and be well!

Kripalu Yoga is a restorative yoga program steeped in the Kripalu tradition of compassion and non-judgment. Located in the beautiful setting of Partners Village Store find yourself surrounded by calming country scenery – an ideal setting for meditation and self-care.  Open to the public, this donation-based class series welcomes people of all levels of ability and practice.  Instructor Jeff Costa unfolds traditional yoga principles with special attention to both alignment and ease.

  • Please bring your yoga mat and water.
  • Donation Based Yoga – $12.00 recommendation
    or contribute what you can
  • Ages 16 and over please


My beloved child, break your heart no longer.
Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart.  
You stop feeding on the love, which is the wellspring 
of your vitality.  
The time has come. Your time. To live. To celebrate, 
and to see the goodness that you are… 
Do not fight the dark. Just turn on the light.  
Let go, and breathe into the goodness that you are. 
                                                                               – Swami Kripalu

About the Instructor:

Jeff Costa is a Yoga Alliance nationally certified instructor with a BA in Liberal Arts from Boston University and a graduate of the Kripalu School of Yoga and Health.  With over 20 years experience in group fitness and personal training, the strength of Jeff’s teaching lies in his attention to detail and his compassionate charm. Photo Credit: Corinna Razhikou