Blue Sky Yoga

Date: Every Saturday until August 26, 2017
Time: 8:30 am  to  9:30 am

Beginning Saturday, June 10th

Blue Sky Kripalu Yoga is a restorative yoga program steeped in the Kripalu tradition of compassion and non-judgment. Located in the beautiful country setting of Partners Village Store, find yourself surrounded by nature – an ideal setting for meditation and self-care. Open to the public, this donation based class series welcomes people with all levels of ability and practice.

Instructor Jeff Costa unfolds traditional yoga principles with special attention to alignment and ease.

  • Please bring your yoga mat and water
  • $10.00 donation
  • The Partners Café will open at 8:30
  • Parking available at Partners Village Store
  • Ages 16 and over
  • No Registration Necessary

My beloved child, break your heart no longer.
Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart.
You stop feeding on the love, which is the wellspring
of your vitality.
The time has come. Your time. To live. To celebrate,
and to see the goodness that you are…
Do not fight the dark. Just turn on the light.
Let go, and breathe into the goodness that you are.
– Swami Kripalu

About the Instructor:

Jeff Costa is a Yoga Alliance nationally certified instructor with a BA in Liberal Arts from Boston University and a graduate of the Kripalu School of Yoga and Health.  With over 20 years experience in group fitness and personal training, the strength of Jeff’s teaching lies in his attention to detail and his compassionate charm.

Writers Series with Carl Safina: Beyond Words

Date: June 15, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm  to  7:30 pm

As a part of our ongoing 2017 Writers Series, please join Partners Village Store and Kitchen on Thursday, June 15th at 6pm as we welcome Prize-winning author and MacArthur Fellow CARL SAFINA to share his latest book BEYOND WORDS: What Animals Think and Feel.

In this landmark work, Safina weaves decades of field observations with exciting new discoveries in brain science that delivers enlightening insight into animal cognition. This will surely be a fascinating program and one not to be missed!

BEYOND WORDS offers powerful and illuminating insight into the unique personalities of animals through extraordinary stories of animal joy, grief, jealousy, anger and love. Ultimately a graceful examination of humanity’s place in the world, Safina calls on us to re-evaluate our relationship to the other species around us.



CARL SAFINA is the author of seven books, including Song for the Blue Ocean, which was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Eye of the Albatross, Voyage of the Turtle, and The View from Lazy Point. Safina is founding president of The Safina Center at Stony Brook University, where he also co-chairs the University’s Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. A winner of the 2012 Orion Award and a MacArthur Prize, among others, his work has been featured in outlets such as The New York Times, National Geographic, and The  Huffington Post, and he hosts “Saving Ocean” on PBS.

Writers Series with Alan R. Hoffman and Julien Icher: Lafayette in America

Date: July 20, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm  to  7:00 pm

Partners Village Store Writers Series presents two historical programs


General Lafayette

This Thursday, July 20th at 5:00pm

Lafayette and the Farewell Tour: Odyssey of an American Idol presented by Alan R. Hoffman

General Lafayette, born the Marquis de Lafayette in Auvergne, France, was truly an American Idol in the 19th century. The proof is that 80 counties, cities and towns were named after him as well as streets and roads everywhere. In this program, the translator of Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825, a first-hand account of Lafayette’s Farewell Tour of America, will describe the full extent of his reputation and explore its origins. Lafayette’s extraordinary reputation was based on his military record in the Revolution, his friendship with Washington, his continued support of American interests, his story-book life and, perhaps most importantly, his Farewell Tour of America when he visited all 24 states and Washington City as the last surviving major general of the Continental Army.

Alan R. Hoffman obtained his BA in history from Yale College, where he studied under Professor Edmund Morgan, before earning a JD from Harvard Law School; and he has practiced law in Boston for 40 years. An avid reader of early American history, he “discovered” Lafayette in 2002 and spent two years – 2003 to 2005 – translating Auguste Levasseur’s Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825, the first-hand account of Lafayette’s Farewell Tour of America written by his private secretary. This translation was published in 2006 and is in its third printing. Hoffman has lectured widely on Lafayette and the Farewell Tour since 2006 – over 145 talks in 22 of the 24 states that Lafayette visited during the Farewell Tour.

Tracking Lafayette’s New England Trail

presented by Julien Icher

Julien Icher, a graduate student at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and Project Manager for the Consulate General of France in Boston, has documented Lafayette’s farewell tour through New England with a physical trail and a web-based application. A major component of the project involved developing a web-based application  implemented on a virtual platform. We are thrilled to have him present alongside Alan Hoffman and share his work to document Lafayette’s farewell tour with a web-based app that followers can use to navigate Lafayette’s trail almost two hundred years later.

Writers Series with local author Erin McHugh

Date: August 10, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm  to  8:00 pm

As a part of our ongoing Writers Series, please join Partners Village Store and Kitchen on  Thursday, August 10 at 6pm for an engaging and uplifting discussion with local author Erin McHugh as she discusses her latest book, Second Chances – An Inspiring collection of do-overs that have made people’s lives better.


Second Chances is an inspiring volume of real-life anecdotes from people who have wanted another shot at something – and have taken it. It’s the big stuff like starting a completely new career or rekindling a romance with a long-lost love, as well as the little things like getting a judo belt when you thought you could hardly manage a push-up. Erin McHugh collects the hopeful examples of people who found a leg up, a hidden talent, or even an tapped strength, sometimes with the unexpected help of friends or strangers to improve their lives. Full of positive and healing stories, this is a guide of sorts about letting the future win over the past.


Based in New York City and Dartmouth, MA, Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and the author of more than twenty-five books, including Like My Mother Always Said, Like My Father Always Said, Like My Teacher Always Said, and One Good Deed.

To reserve your spot please contact Partners Village Store:

(508) 636-2572 or [email protected]

For the Kids! Janet Taylor Lisle at Partners Village Store on August 12

Date: August 12, 2017
Time: 10:00 am  to  11:00 am

Please bring your children and join us at Partners Village Store and Kitchen on Saturday, August 12th at 10:00am to meet local author  JANET TAYLOR LISLE and celebrate the release of her latest book “QUICKSAND POND”. Newbery Honor winner Janet Taylor Lisle’s gorgeous and profound new novel about a pivotal summer in two girls’ lives explores the convictions we form, the judgments we make, and the values we hold. All ages welcome!

The pond is called Quicksand Pond.

It’s a shadowy, hidden place, full of chirping, shrieking, croaking life. It’s where, legend has it, people disappear. It’s where scrappy Terri Carr lives with her no-good family. And it’s where twelve-year-old Jessie Kettel is reluctantly spending her summer vacation.

Jessie meets Terri right away, on a raft out in the water, and the two become fast friends. On Quicksand Pond, Jessie and Terri can be lost to the outside world—lost until they want to be found. But a tragedy that occurred many decades ago has had lingering effects on this sleepy town, and especially on Terri Carr. And the more Jessie learns, the more she begins to question her new friendship—and herself.

As described by Shelf Awareness, “Quicksand Pond is a beautiful, realistic story about trust, self-doubt and judgment.”

Janet Taylor Lisle has written many novels for young readers, including the Newbery Honor winner Afternoon of the Elvesand The Art of Keeping Cool, which won the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction. Her novels have also received Italy’s Premio Andersen Award, Holland’s Zilverin Griffel, and Notable Best Book distinction from the American Library Association, among other honors. A graduate of Smith College and former journalist, she lives in Rhode Island.


Please call Partners Village Store at (508) 636-2572 or email [email protected] to reserve your seat on Saturday, August 12th at 10:00 am to meet Janet Taylor Lisle.

Book Signing with Local Poet Richard Dey for Westport Point Poems

Date: August 19, 2017
Time: 11:00 am  to  1:00 pm

Please join us on Saturday, August 19th for a book signing with Richard Dey! He will be at the store from 11:00am – 1:00pm to sign his collection of poetry Westport Point Poems.

Westport Point Poems spans nearly five decades and includes poems based on offshore lobstering and swordfishing as well as on sailing a Beetle cat on the Westport River. Other poems concern different boats and people, associating them with various themes. They are equally personal and impersonal, of the sea and the land, in formal and free verse, and a few are very humorous. You are as likely to come upon a poem about a capsized boat as about the degradation of the salt marshes. There are two fine elegies also, one for the late New Bedford architect Christopher Gillespie, uniting the deceased with the estuary peninsula.

Praise for Westport Point Poems:

A sailor, commercial fisherman, and published poet, Richard Dey has inhabited the several worlds of Westport Point. He has found love there and the wrenching absence of love. He has become a witness to its seasons. This remarkable gathering is both Dey’s tribute to this riverine world and an unforgettable account of his Westport passages.
—Llewellyn Howland III, author of No Ordinary Being: W. Starling Burgess and The New Bedford Yacht Club: A History

With experience both as a fisherman and a sailor, Richard Dey represents a unique American voice. For those of us that work and play and identify intimately with small boats, he is our Robert Frost. Dey is the author of clean, powerful, and personal verse about coastal New England life: on the docks, at the tiller, walking the marsh’s edge, or gazing in the shed in winter and seeing far more than a boat under a tarp.
—Richard J. King, series editor of “Seafaring America” and author of The Devil’s Cormorant

Richard Dey is the laureate of southeastern Massachusetts and its shoreline. He writes with a sturdy New England eloquence and makes poetry from what many of us take for granted: this sandy, rocky coast; the changeable offshore waters; the stubborn, deep-souled people who live and work here.
Charles McGrath, former editor of The New York Times Book Review